2017 Top 5 Dog Training Guides To a Well Trained Family Pet

a girl and a dog shaking handsHaving the smartest pets can be rewarding for everyone. People who have pets think about them as a part of their families. After all, they give happiness to their owners. Having those pet dogs makes life happier has now been scientifically proven. Imagine the happiness they give as you look at their innocent faces with tail wagging at you.

Their presence can relieve stress and ease some anxieties in life we may have.  It is clearly proven that pet dog owners are less likely to suffer loneliness than those without pets. Basically, human beings do really have the need to be touched. We are all created with the need to have interactions with anyone. Direct touch can have a great therapeutic impact which relieves stress and depression.  It is also scientifically proven that those who own pet dogs are also less likely to develop diseases. Indeed, touching these loving animals can decrease the chances of developing psychological problems.

We are all in need of having companions and our need of it cannot be underestimated.  The psychological, social and emotional benefits of having dogs to live with are beyond our understanding.  And of all the pets we know, dogs stand out in their ability to bond with us.

a woman with her children and dog

Dogs, in particular, are the smartest and the usual companion of a human.  They are the best pets we may have since they are really smart. They can easily understand the body languages of humans, as well as their voice tones and behaviors.  Being unique and smart are the factors which make them more lovable.  Aside from that, their tractable behaviors make them stand out from the rest of animals.

In the recent decades, taming dogs had been a trend. There are thousands of unique strategies of taming and training dogs. In fact, thousands of beneficial books about tips on training dogs had been published in recent years.  So, we collected some most useful books for training your lovable dogs.

Here is our list of top 5 dog training guides to a well-trained family pet.

  1. How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond

This book by Cesar Millan (New York Times best-selling author) is packed with new information aimed specifically at the particular needs of puppies. It is a great book which shows how to raise perfect dogs and prevent behavioral issues. Ideas on what to expect from each stage of your puppy’s development are also included in the book. Also, creating perfect obedience from day one through rules, boundaries, and calm-assertive leadership is one great topic written in the book.

  1. 101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog

101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog book is a perfect match for you if you want your dogs to be physically and mentally challenged. It is specifically designed to help you bond with your dog with tricks like Sit, Shake, Roll Over, and Fetch. This book will help you inspire to be more playful with your dogs.

  1. Beyond the Back Yard: Train Your Dog to Listen Anytime, Anywhere!

This book is written by Denise Fenzi. She started training and competing in dog sports over 35 years ago. Due to her long period of time experience in dog training, she’s now well known for her effective techniques and for her kinder and gentler ways of being a dog trainer. Denise has also been very successful in her field being a book writer. And the fact that all three books she wrote have won the Maxwell award for Best Behavior and Training book was an evidence for her success.

  1. Wolfdogs A-Z: Behavior, Training & More (Wolf Hybrids)

If you’re one of those Wolf dog owners out there, this book by Nicole Wilde is best for you. The fact that training these canine dogs can be a lot more challenging than just training an average dog makes this book more helpful and fun to read. Nicole Wilde is involved in wolf dog rescue, training, and education. She is an award-winning author and canine behavior specialist who present seminars around the world. This dog training book is highly recommended for you if you’re a loving and compassionate dog owner who wants to build a successful relationship with your wolf dog.

  1. Let the Dogs Speak!

The book Let the Dog Speak was written by Marianne McKiernan, a two-time Emmy award-winning producer, who has been involved with Canine Companions for Independence since October of 2001 when she received her first puppy in training. The book tells the tale of four puppies’ funny, suspenseful and heartwarming journey as they train for the opportunity to be service dogs for Canine Companions for Independence®. And due to that, Marianne gained many good customer reviews saying her book is so much entertaining and enjoyable to read.

So, if you’re planning to buy a humorous and interesting dog training book to read, considering this information will going to help you choosing a good book to purchase. Or even if you don’t have any plan to buy, but you’re one of those dog owner out there who wants your dog to be professionally trained by you, why don’t you start planning to buy one of these good books today.


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