Top 6 Dog Care Quick Tips For Keeping Your Doggy Healthy and Happy

dog careYou might agree that in an aspect of taking the best dog care, it always stays on top of mind-boggling questions. It is clearly difficult since there are thousands of dog care tips found elsewhere. You might also have experienced having confusions which one of those endless advises will you follow with regards to keeping your dog at its optimum health.

Dog Care Quick Tips

It is important that when you bring your new dog at home, you must take your responsibility full-fledged. You have to make sure to take all the responsibilities of providing the right dog care. Of course, to almost all dog owners love is indisputable. That’s why these some interesting questions arise: How can I keep my dog healthy? What’s the most proper way to take good care of my dog? What are the necessary preventive measures should I take to harness viruses and unwanted diseases to my dog?

Well, you found the best site for that, the best dog care quick tips for keeping your dog healthy and happy. In this article, you will learn how to take good care of your dogs. It tackles comprehensive and detail-oriented tips on how to put an extra and proper care for your beloved pets at home.

Now, let’s start with our tip no.1 on how to good care of your dog.

1. Provide Companionship

a child and a dogWe all know that in order to be healthy we need to have a healthy mind; far away from any emotional state of loneliness. Like any other human, dogs are also created to be with anyone. It sounds weird but dogs also need to socialize.

It is not proper to leave your dog in isolation for long hours in a day. Research has shown that dogs also possess emotional states we all human do have, like joy, love, disgust, and fear. Furthermore, more complex emotions like pride, shame, and guilt are seemingly found in dogs.

Indeed, dogs can be described as one of the most intelligent animals in the world. So we can, therefore, conclude that they are human-like creatures with an emotional state of needing attention, love, and care.

2. Provide Good Nutrition

feeding a dog

Just like us, dogs when being deprived of proper nutrition, they may also suffer degenerative diseases. Some of them also suffer from heart diseases, a wide array of viral and bacterial infections, protozoal diseases, skeletal and muscular disorders, cancers, endocrine and gastrointestinal diseases, as well as urinary and reproductive diseases.

There really is no difference between dogs and humans with regards to diseases, right? Therefore, the need to supply for the proper nutrition is a must in order that they may have a healthier immune system to help them fight against these health problems.

3. Provide Dental Care

dog careDon’t you know that dogs may also suffer from chronic pain due to dental problems?

Even though they may not be like us, who groans when we have toothaches, dogs usually only show some signs of losing its appetite for food, some behavioral changes, saliva with blood, blood in its gums, and its breath smells bad.

Dogs are more likely to develop gum diseases than us. It’s quite clear; they are unlike humans who can have their proper oral hygiene. Now, as its owner, what possible thing you must do? Provide your dog its need of proper dental care.

They also deserve to have their oral health cared for regularly. You may brush your dog’s teeth regularly using veterinarian’s recommended toothpaste.

4. Feed Your Dog in a Right Way

playing with a dog

Survival is crucial when the food we eat isn’t the right one, and so as the right way. Dogs must be supplied with the right food, the right amount of it, and give it at the right time.

Now the question is, what probably are the foods they need? How often should we feed our dogs? And, what probably are the foods we must avoid on giving them?

Well, our dogs need primarily need nutritious and high-quality foods which we can buy in trusted stores.

They also need clean water just like us, so better always make it available for them to drink clean water.

Unlike humans, who eat thrice a day, dogs usually eat twice a day, one in the morning, and one in the evening. But in giving them food to eat, we must avoid to give them an excessive amount of foods like bones from fish, meat, milk, dairy products, eggs, and sugary foods.

These foods can be hazardous to dogs since they have a different metabolism than humans. The foods mentioned above may cause, vomiting, vitamin deficiency which may cause loss of appetite, diarrhea, neurological abnormalities, and may also cause liver problems which may eventually lead to death. So, be careful with how you feed your dog!

5. Have a Regular Check Up With a Veterinarian

dog having check up

As mentioned above, dogs are like humans who may develop degenerative diseases. Like us, they need an extra care and proper health optimization.

They also need to be cared for by a doctor. For this, veterinarians are highly needed. They are needed in examining, diagnosing, and treating your dog’s diseases. They are essential for these crucial dog care.

But how often should your dog see a veterinarian?

For younger ones they only need to have a checkup once a year. But for those older ones, it is recommended to have a twice a year checkup. On those times, they are vaccinated to help reduce any risk of preventable deadly diseases.

6. Be Aware of Providing Your Dog with Proper Shelter and Hygiene.

sleeping dog

Make sure you have a clean and comfortable shelter for your dog. It’s not appropriate to just leave your dog sleeping outside your house without any protection from intense heat or intense coldness. Doing so may give diseases which may lead to death.

Also, consider your dog’s cleanliness. Make sure to bathe your dog with a mild shampoo when it is dirty. Some people do have different ideas on how often a dog need to be taken a bath. Some may say twice or thrice a year, others, once a month and few people say weekly. However, the frequency of taking a bath may harm your dog. Most of the dogs need no more than once a month of bathing.

In doing all of these tips of dog care, you’ll surely have a longer time together. Your hard work of caring for your precious dog will increase its mortality. And, you’ll surely have a happier and longer relationship with your precious pet dog. More than that, you as a pet owner will be known as someone who knows to handle your responsibility well. No such thing as having your hard work rewarded by a good reputation!


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