Top 5 Best Genuine Leather Dog Collars For Your Furry Friend

Genuine Leather Collars

Leather dog collars are useful for controlling your dogs, especially ones which are hard to have control and intensely active. When you are on training with your dog, you will realize how sometimes dog collars are so much needed.

However, leather dog collars are not just for dogs which are difficult to control. It can also be used as an accessory. Just like our necklace, dog leather collars also bring beauty to them. When your dog has a beautiful leather collar, it’s like they are literally wearing a piece of art.

There are thousands of collars in the marketplace, so looking for the best one can be hard for us. As dog owners, we want the best ones that not only brings them beauty but durable as well. We have here the top 5 most beautiful and durable leather dog collars.

Top Leather Dog Collars

1. Weaver Leather Sundance Dog Collar

leather dog collars

Weaver Leather Sundance dog collars have a lot of positive reviews. Customers who had bought this leather dog collar agreeably said that its beauty and durability is great. Just looking at it, you can say it’s really well-made. The scalloped edges and antique copper berry conchos are well crafted. The fashion looks antique yet fashionable.

The price may be higher than some ordinary dog collars but it’s worth paying. The beauty and durability stand out among the others.

2. Blackjack’s leathers Pitbull & Large Breeds Leather Dog Collar

leather dog collars

These dog collars for Pitbull and large breeds are made up of finest quality genuine and authentic leather to ensure your dog’s safety. These collars are so thick and tough that you can tow your car with them.  And just as every fingerprint is unique, so as the leather used for each collar, every piece of leather is different in its shades and lines. So, with these leather dog collars, you have nothing to worry about because the qualities of these products are incomparable to any other dog collars out there.

3.Soft Touch Collars – Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collarleather dog collars


Soft touch leather dog collars look simple yet elegant.  This collar fits 18 to 21 inches dog neck size and made up of strong and durable leather. And because it is made up of the solid brass buckle with lacquered finish, the brass hardware will not rust. This dog collar is hand stitched and handmade with love and care to assure every dog owners that this collar provides true comfort to their dogs.

The leather has two beautiful tone color, brown and cream with stylish black trim that are naturally tanned up to 40 days using raw materials derived from nature, so, rest assured that this leather collar is all safe since it’s chemical-free and dye-free.

4. Custom Catch Personalized Dog Collar Leather

leather dog collars


This PERSONALIZED DOG COLLAR is made up of genuine leather which is engraved and hand painted. The good thing is, it will make your dog truly classy and elegant wherever you go. And since it’s personalized, you can have a good choice of putting your dog’s name, your phone number, address or anything else on it. So, it can be a great alternative for your dog ID tags. You can also choose between two different stunning colors (pink or red), and choose whatever text color you want.

So, if you ever want to make your dogs and puppies beautiful wherever you go and be the talk of the town, this leather dog collar is perfect for them.

5. Soft Touch Collars Heavy Duty Leather Braided Dog Leash

leather dog collars

Soft Touch Collars and Heavy Duty Leather Braided Dog Leash is made with only high and best quality leather available on the market. Its strength and durability can be trusted because the leash was braided by hand.  Just like Soft Touch Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar, this leather braided dog leash is also chemical free and dye free. The natural materials used for tanning come from different parts of plants, woods, leaves, fruit and tree bark; so it’s all safe and gentle for your dog’s skin. The leash is 6 foot long and ¾ inch wide, therefore, it’s perfect for your dog’s walking and training activity. So, if you ever feel tired of always replacing your cheap dog collars and leashes, try this leather braided dog collar and leash and you’ll see the difference.

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