March 29, 2017

About Us

Melon Cove Primal strives to provide the best quality dog products on the market. Aiming to have great dog products for people who love their dogs and want to have reliable versatile quality products for everyday use.

To provide the best dog waste bags for customers in the United States, we have researched and developed thick and sturdy bags to keep your dogs “smelly gifts” off your hands.

Also because we believe that the environment is important to us and our dogs, our earth bags are earth friendly. Designed to break down in a few years rather than hundreds, making our plastic dog waste bags genuinely “The Jungle New Best Friend™”.

Leaving dog poop lying around does not help the environment, in fact dog poop is a major pollutant and contaminant of water supply. It is estimated that 1/3 of all water contamination is caused by dog waste that has entered the water sources and wells. Dog waste also contain many diseases and can spread to other dogs, children, and adults.

The EPA has designated dog waste a source of pollution in the same category as oil and toxic chemicals. So we encourage you to make sure to clean up after your pet dog to ensure we are able to continue living in a great clean environment that is safe for us, our environment, and wildlife.

Because we care about our customers and dogs, we are continuously on the lookout for ways to help customers get the best dog waste bags and dog products. We make sure to constantly seek to produce great quality and ensure that our customers are truly satisfied with our products.

Every day we are regularly moving to improve our current products and provide great customer service; we appreciate all the support and compliments that we have received. Please feel free to contact us and let us know how we are doing, we take all feedback seriously and want to ensure we can provide our customers with the best.

To grab a pack of our Super Sturdy Poop Bags, see the collection here.